Risk Management

ESG Ratings and Methodology

The interest in ESG investing creates greater demand for ESG data, ratings, rankings, and methodologies (Abhayawansa & Tyagi, 2021). Different ESG ratings, rankings, and methodologies produce significantly different assessments of the ESG performance of companies (Abhayawansa & Tyagi, 2021). A lack of transparency about the data sources, weightings, and methodologies can also make it difficult […]

Advances in Investment Portfolio Management: November 12, 2020

Portfolio management refers to the selection of securities and their continuous shifting in the portfolio for optimizing the return and maximizing the wealth of an investor by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges for performing a wide range of activities related to a portfolio (Joseph & Varghese, 2017). Investing in the stock market effectively […]

A Stable-Growth Environment: Value is Likely to Perform Better

For many value-oriented investors, the last five years have been a challenging period given an elevated macroeconomic risk and bouts of volatility, backdrop of the low growth and structural change in China. In the current environment characterized by more stable growth, value equities are likely to perform better. As of the February 29, 2016, U.S. […]

Macro Themes and the Implications: Time to Pay Attention to Global High Yield Strategy (I)

Key Macro Themes and the Implications Low inflation: Inflation is low but it does not mean inflation is zero. The slow growth in global economy keeps inflation subdued even as CPI slowly rises. Global policy divergence: Fed continues to normalize slowly as other central banks pursue stimulus policies. Investors should expect yields to rise modestly. […]

Equity Strategies – Updated November 2015

As global economy converges to more stable rather than rapid growth, debt level and growth dynamics keep interest rates relatively low, and inflation remains muted in developed world, investors are faced with broadly fully-valued market. Macroeconomic variables are favorable for equity investing relative to other asset classes, and investors can employ simple approaches to enhance […]