Investment management professionals are like physicians—we take care of our clients, not only of their wealth but also of their well-being, through the science of investing. Dedicated investment-management professionals ask, listen, empathize, educate, prescribe and treat.


September 2016

  • Market Recap

     Macro Update On U.S. The U.S. job market added 151,000 jobs in August 2016. The largest gains came from several private service-providing industries, including information, financial activities, real estate rental and leasing, professional and business services, education and healthcare services, while the goods-producing industry shed 24,000 jobs. Employment Cost Index data was recently revised; compensation… Continue reading

  • Market Recap

    Macro Update On U.S. U.S. GDP growth was a bit more sluggish than expected in the second quarter as businesses aggressively ran down stocks of unsold goods, which offsets a spurt in consumer spending. U.S. consumption and employment situation remain strong. U.S. stocks continue to gain, fueled in part by the Federal Reserve staying put… Continue reading

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