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Venture Capital in Life Sciences (I): Personalized Medicine for Cancer Therapies

Over the past decade, the genomics revolution has led to the emergence of numerous groundbreaking personalized medicine as well as multiple diagnostic and therapeutic targets. Take the area of cancer therapies for instance, due to great inter-personal difference and mechanism of drug sensitivity in patients, cancer is one of the diseases that have lowest productivity […]


Healthcare Investing: In Innovators We Trust, Up to the Future We Light

When people talk about “healthcare,” they probably refer to pharmaceuticals and health insurers, but the sector also covers life sciences and biotechnology, medical equipment manufacturers and services, hospitals, distributors, etc. My firm conducted a due diligence trip to China and visited many scientists of these fields in Beijing, Shanghai, and some southern cities in January […]

Crowdfunding: A Powerful Model of Fundraising 众筹融资

Crowdfunding is an internet-based fundraising model, where individuals network and pool their money to support a certain project or venture. A crowdfunding activity is composed of a project creator, crowd or the public who will support the project or venture, and a crowdfunding platform. The “crowd” act as agents, selecting and promoting the projects in […]

Alternative Investments of 2013: Bitcoin, Yu’ebao, Tourmaline 比特币 余额宝 碧玺

Innovation almost always comes first with  alternative investments, even if a type of alternative asset class may sound bizarre to conventional investors. Looking back at the year of 2013, many alternative investments such as bitcoin, yu’ebao (Leftover Treasure), Mobile Browser Keywords, gemstones etc. occupied most news headlines. Investors cannot estimate the true risk of alternative […]