Real Assets

Positioning Portfolios for An Environment of High Inflation

Investors should adopt inflation protection as inflation shows few signs of moderating anytime soon and central banks are tightening monetary policy aggressively. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) can help position portfolios for an environment of higher inflation and lower growth. TIPS protect against inflation in two ways. First, the principal value of TIPS is indexed to […]


Uncertainty Clouds the Outlook

An anti-goldilocks economy refers to the global economy where policymakers are confronted with a stagflationary supply shock, which is negative for growth and will tend to push up inflation further. In the current market condition, inflation is “too hot,” as evidenced by the higher energy and food prices, as well as the disrupted supply chains […]

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid alternatives are asset classes that exhibit modest to low correlation with traditional equity and fixed income investments. Investors can get exposure to liquid alternatives via broadly available investments that are without the principal lock-ups of asset classes such as private equity and hedge funds. Liquid alternatives can be further divided into alternative asset classes […]

A Couple Lessons Learned from Recent Experience

Not only did the investing herd have the outlook for rates wrong, but it was uniformly inquiring about the wrong thing. Asset prices are often set to allow for the risks people are aware of. It s the ones they haven’t thought of that can knock the market for a loop. Forecasters usually stick too […]

An Intriguing Alternative Investment: Farmland

Every day the total population of planet earth increases by over 200,000 people. There are 1,402 million hectares of arable land, 138 million hectares of perennial croplands and 3,433 million hectares of pasture lands feeding the current population of 6.7 billion… It is challenging to feed the exponentially growing population with an arithmetically growing farming base. […]