Investment management professionals are like physicians—we take care of our clients, not only of their wealth but also of their well-being, through the science of investing. Dedicated investment-management professionals ask, listen, empathize, educate, prescribe and treat.


June 2017

  • Market Recap Friday, June 30, 2017

    In Brief Momentum equity style factor is outperforming, backed by a sustained economic expansion. Oil prices entered a bear market on concerns about higher-than-anticipated global supply. Baa spreads hit fresh lows. A notable Leadership shift since Comey’s Testimony in early June: Technology price looks corrective while financials are reaccelerating. Stock volatility is near an all-time… Continue reading

  • Market Recap Friday, June 23

    In Brief Investing with a long-time horizon and through a diversified portfolio are the best ways to batten down the hatches against volatility and avoid emotional investing errors. How should investors dampen portfolio volatility in the later stages of the business cycle? In the bond market, an inverted yield curve has often predicted a recession in… Continue reading

  • Market Recap Wednesday, June 14

    In Brief A rebound in U.S. economic data strengthened the Fed’s case for a rate hike in June; the Fed outlined a plan to reduce the balance sheet. European growth surprised to the upside; data indicated that the eurozone’s recovery may be gaining momentum. The UK election resulted in a hung parliament, creating uncertainty about… Continue reading

  • Market Recap Friday, June 9, 2017

    On U.S. U.S. jobless claims declined 10,000 week over week to 245,000. With U.S. credit-scoring easing, and the credit damage from the U.S. downturn passing, U.S. consumption remains strong. Nowadays, trying to sell things in stores at full price is tough; consumers are buying more experiences over goods, more online vs in stores, and are… Continue reading

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