Hedge Funds

Market Recap Monday, December 24, 2018

On global equities Volatility in global equity markets persisted in November, fears of rising interest rates, multiple trade conflicts, the end of QE, and related uncertainty about the global economic outlook weighed on sentiment and set the market on edge. Additionally, U.S. crude ended last week down 11% at $45.59, posting the worst performance since […]

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid alternatives are asset classes that exhibit modest to low correlation with traditional equity and fixed income investments. Investors can get exposure to liquid alternatives via broadly available investments that are without the principal lock-ups of asset classes such as private equity and hedge funds. Liquid alternatives can be further divided into alternative asset classes […]

Liquid Long/Short Mutual Funds

Investors who want the return opportunities of equities but are concerned about a fully valued market should consider strategies that are designed to asymmetrically capture up and down market movements, which can allow potentially for participation in market upside while mitigating losses during market declines. Specifically, long/short strategies deserve a larger role in investor portfolios […]

Choosing From Beta Strategies: Bettering Your Investments with a Smarter Exposure

Institutional investors have employed alternative weighting and factor-driven strategies for decades. In recent years, a growing variety of alternative beta strategies have come to market, as investment managers are pursuing alternative opportunities in face of the sharp fall in the share of active management relative to passive investing. These beta strategies have become a fairly […]

Fund of Hedge Funds, Manager Selection, and Due Diligence

One of the main reasons that more and more institutional investors, particularly endowments and foundations, include hedge funds in their portfolios is the expected diversification benefit, given the existing array of investment opportunities. In the U.S., these institutions are still increasing their strategic allocation to hedge funds, despite the fact that hedge funds as a […]