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Earnings Manipulation Detection and The M-Model

Management quality is one of the most important elements in choosing an investment; management is incentivized to hit the target and increase long-term earnings, in reality, this does not necessarily mean long-term value would be created. The first step in any successful public equity investment strategy is to determine whether reported earnings are trustworthy. Benford’s […]


Investments of Passion – Investments of Love (II) 收藏品投资

The 2013 World Wealth Report was released earlier this summer. Here are some of the highlights: Investor confidence in the wealth management industry has improved, and the level of trust in wealth managers has risen slightly compared to the previous year. In 2012, one million individuals joined the world HNWIs club, which stood at 12 […]

Alternative/Renewable Energy and Alternative/Renewable Energy Fund 可替代再生能源

Alternative and renewable energy assets currently only represent a small portion of the markets, but it is growing quickly. Solar Power  Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly energy source, with no air or water emissions, or waste generation. Solar power is durable and it requires little maintenance. Also, solar energy is a great solution […]

Energy Commodities – Crude Oil, Gasoline, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas

Crude Oil Oil has been the driver of industrialization and modernization. Over the past 30 years, daily oil consumption has risen by over 30 million barrels. Asia has accounted for more than half of this growth in demand, which would climb considerably as its automobile industry expands. On the supply side of crude oil, one […]

Fundamentals of Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum

Gold The process of gold extraction is expensive and time-consuming. It typically requires large mines and blasting rock to mine gold; the ore is then transported to a plant that crushes it to get to the gold. Investors get confused on what is an ounce of gold because there are two types: 1) avoirdupois ounce, […]