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China Recent Economic Stimulus Timeline

November 21st, 2014 – November 19th, 2015: The PBoC reduced the deposit rate by 150 bps, the lending rate by 165 bps, and the reserve requirement ratio by 50 bps over the course of six cuts. November 30th, 2015: IMF announced that the RMB will be added to the SDR currency basket. December 21st, 2015: […]


Brexit: Major Implications and Asset Allocation Recommendation

What Happened? Sterling weakened nearly 8%[1] on June 24, 2016 in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. Switzerland’s central bank gave a rare confirmation on June 24, 2016 that it had intervened in the currency market to weaken the Swiss franc in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU. Following the U.K.’s vote to […]

Key Macro Themes and the Implications: Time to Pay Attention to Global High Yield Strategy (II)

The economic recovery has morphed into a meaningful period of expansion. Growth expectations remain favorable. The U.S. consumers’ financial position has improved as asset values have risen. Consumer spending comprises over 70% of GDP, and household balance sheets look strong. The recovered value of assets combined with limited debt accumulation means that household net worth […]

Market Commentary May 2016: The Financial Markets and Presidential Elections

Investors should be careful when making investment decisions based on expected election outcomes 投资者若结合总统选举结果而做投资决策的话,需格外谨慎 The stock market has generally performed well during presidential election years, particularly when the incumbent party wins 股市通常在大选年份有着不错的表现,尤其当执政党获得连任时 Fundamental factors, such as oil prices, corporate earnings, and monetary policy, should outweigh political developments 基本面因素,诸如原油价格、公司盈利能力以及货币政策应当超过政治发展 Sectors such as health care and energy […]