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Markets in Russia 俄罗斯投资环境

Securities investing in Russia also follows bottom-up, fundamentally-driven analysis process. Gains can be improved by moderate rotation in cyclical/economically-sensitive sectors. Recent research and studies show that in the investment environment of Russia, liquidity is getting stronger, corruption concerns, accounting and auditing issues are gradually presenting a better look. Let’s look at some economy statistics, as measured by GDP:

Since 1999, GDP growth has averaged 6.8% per year and reached 8.1% in 2007. In dollar terms the 1999-2007 GDP growth was an astounding 26% per year, far outstripping international growth rates.

Consumer Market – The high consumption, spending will and capability has made Russia one of the largest consumer markets; in addition, Russia has become the largest automotive sales market in Europe.

Education and Human Resource – Russia is backed by an educational system with a solid global reputation and producing professionals who take up leading positions in areas such as natural and applied sciences, programming, R&D, engineering, etc. In this sense, Russia is able to offer access to a highly educated and skilled workforce, strong scientific and research base, which also provides excellent opportunities for R&D partnerships. Critical technological areas are eligible for government co-financing on a competitive basis to facilitate research and development of innovative capabilities.

Natural Resources – Russia is ranking 1st place in the world in per capita natural resources, specifically, in:

  • Oil production
  • Sodium salt reserves
  • Drinking water reserves
  • Stocks of pollacks, crabs, and sturgeons
  • World explored reserves of tin, zinc, titanium and niobium
  • Production of nickel ore, refined nickel and explored world silver ore reserves
  • Steel exports,
  • Primary aluminum production and exports
  • Nitrogen fertilizer exports,
  • World diamond reserves and actual volume of diamond exports
  • One of the biggest world reserves of fresh water

Geographical Location – Russia links Europe with Asia and also borders the North American continent, which facilitates building effective international and domestic supply-production-market chains, and offers favorable investment-attraction policies.

Tax Environment – with a personal income tax rate of 13% for residents, corporate tax rate of 24%, and VAT rate of 18%, Russia has one of the most generous non-offshore tax regimes in the world, aimed at promoting investment and further developing the economy. Finally, Russia has introduced a European-style participation exemption regime that exempts dividends received from qualified participants.


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