Chenjiazi Zhong 钟陈佳子

Market Recap Friday, June 23

In Brief Investing with a long-time horizon and through a diversified portfolio are the best ways to batten down the hatches against volatility and avoid emotional investing errors. How should investors dampen portfolio volatility in the later stages of the business cycle? In the bond market, an inverted yield curve has often predicted a recession in […]

Market Recap Wednesday, June 14

In Brief A rebound in U.S. economic data strengthened the Fed’s case for a rate hike in June; the Fed outlined a plan to reduce the balance sheet. European growth surprised to the upside; data indicated that the eurozone’s recovery may be gaining momentum. The UK election resulted in a hung parliament, creating uncertainty about […]

Market Recap Friday, June 9

On U.S. U.S. jobless claims declined 10,000 week over week to 245,000. With U.S. credit-scoring easing, and the credit damage from the U.S. downturn passing, U.S. consumption remains strong. Nowadays, trying to sell things in stores at full price is tough; consumers are buying more experiences over goods, more online vs in stores, and are […]

Market Recap Friday, May 19

On Oil: Prices Jump to Three-Week High on Talk of Extending Production Cuts Oil prices jumped to a three-week high on May 15. U.S. crude futures rose to $48.85 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange and Brent rose to $51.82 a barrel on ICE Futures Europe. The move capped a four-day streak of […]

Market Recap Friday, May 5th

China: Commodities Slump Weighs on Stocks, PMIs Losing Momentum A slump in Chinese metals prices and weakness in crude oil sent equity markets across the region lower. Oil price tumbled 3% from Thursday’s settlement in New York while trading sentiment was already weak amid fears that Beijing’s crackdown on speculation and borrowing could hurt metals […]

Market Recap Friday, April 28th

Global stock markets rallied after a centrist candidate won the first round of France’s presidential election. French stocks and the euro both gained after Emmanuel Macron, above, and Marine Le Pen advanced in the French Presidential election. Other risky assets, such as emerging-markets currencies and junk bonds, also rallied. The U.K. economy is showing some […]

Market Recap

Global Markets Pressured: Gold, Yen, Bonds Gain as Investors Step Up Safety Plays Equity markets stayed under pressure on Friday, while the yen and oil prices rose sharply, after the U.S. launched cruise missiles at a Syrian air base in response to a recent chemical attack. The announcement of this first U.S. military operation to […]