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High Yield Credit Opportunities Search (II) 高收益债券 (II)

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that high yield bond funds hauled in $3.63 billion in investor cash for the week ended September 19 with 40%, or $1.45 billon, of those inflows. The global high yield market, with approximately $1.3 trillion in size, as of third quarter 2012, continued to rally in the third week of […]


One Man’s Junk May Be Another’s Treasure – Junk Bonds Market 高收益债券

Many companies rated below investment grade are creditworthy enough and should have access to the new issue market. Weaker companies simply could issue new bonds at higher coupons. On one hand, junk bonds do not correlate exactly with either investment-grade bonds or broad stock markets; on the other, managers can explore different investment opportunities that […]

High Yield Fixed Income Searches 高收益债券

The 9 July 2012 issue of Pension & Investments mentioned that “institutional investors’ overhaul of their fixed-income portfolios amid ever-lower interest rates and quantitative easing has fueled an exodus out of core fixed income into areas of specialization — particularly emerging markets, high yield and private debt.” In a much larger and more diverse market, […]